EMS Shortages

Published on: Aug 24, 2017
Town of Shaunavon
The Town of Shaunavon has recently been made aware of the recent EMS
(Emergency Medical Services) staffing shortages in Shaunavon. Please be
aware that as a region, that EMS services are still provided, and that
responses to medical calls may be required to be responded to by
neighbouring communities. The Town of Shaunavon deems this as being
unacceptable, as we are having to utilize limited regional resources to
ensure critical services, which may potentially leave other communities at
risk. We will be pressuring the government to come up with a viable
long-term solution to the EMS staffing within the region. As always is
the case, if you're experiencing or witnessing a medical emergency please
dial 9-1-1. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff will be dispatched to
assist you. We will continue to keep you informed as developments occur.