2019 Garbage Bin Placement

Published on: Jan 16, 2019
The Town of Shaunavon has a new Garbage Truck with an automated side arm for picking up the residential totes!
With the new Garbage truck in operation, residents of Shaunavon are instructed to place their black garbage bins the same way as the blue Triways recycling bins.

STREET PICKUP: Face the front of the bin towards the street (with the wheels towards the curb.)

ALLEY PICKUP: Face the front of the bin towards the alley (with the wheels towards the fence.)

The bins also need to be placed THREE FEET away from any obstacles (just like the Triway bins).

**Please note that The Town of Shaunavon Crew has already turned your black bin the proper way during this week’s garbage pick up. We ask that you ensure that it remains in the correct position for future pickups.

Thank you for everyone’s cooperation in keeping Shaunavon beautiful!
*Did you know our new garbage truck will be now operated by ONE person, instead of two?!