Published on: Apr 25, 2019

Please be advised that the Town of Shaunavon has relocated waste collection from the back alley to front-side pick-up for the following locations, effective the week of May 20th, 2019:


•  300 and 400 blocks of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Street West; 

• 600 block of 1st, 2nd , & 3rd  Street West;

• All of 9th  Street West;

• 7th Avenue from 4th Street West to 9th Street West;

• 300 block of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Streets East;

• 100 and 200 blocks of 4th and 5th Streets East;

• 600 block of 2nd and 3rd Streets East; and 

• Civic Addresses of 595 to 628 Poplar Crescent

Council accepted recommendation from the Public Works committee to move the back-alleys of the above locations to front-street garbage and recycling pick-up due to safety concerns. The number one concern being that the garbage truck is unable to turn around in these alleys and is forced to back out. This poses a major safety risk as there is zero visibility when backing up.

The benefit of garbage truck that recently began operation in Shaunavon in January 2019 is that the automated side arm has a reach of just over 2 feet, meaning that garbage truck no longer requires two employees to execute garbage pickup and manually empty bins. Additionally, the time it takes to complete waste collection has been drastically reduced.

Please be advised that the affected addresses’ Triways recycling pickup (blue totes) will also be changed to front-side.

Residents are advised to place their garbage totes the same way as the blue Triways recycling bins. Street Pickup: Face the front of the bin towards the street, with the wheels towards the curb. The bins also need to be place THREE FEET away from any obstacle. Residential carts are to be placed on the street prior to 7am on your designated waste collection day. (East: Monday; West: Thurs). If necessary, residents can place their totes on the street the evening before scheduled pickup. If your household has minimal garbage, you do not have to set your cart out every week. The Town of Shaunavon encourages you to continue to recycle to reduce waste headed to our landfill. The Triways Recycling pickup schedule (blue totes) will not change from the 2019 determined schedule available by clicking here

The Public Works crew will be placing notices on all bins of the affected addresses to advise residents of the change. The Town of Shaunavon will also be notifying the public through newspaper, radio and social media.

For residents not affected by this change, The Town of Shaunavon is considering changing all waste collection to front-side pickup; however before making this change, they would like your feedback. The benefit of moving all collection to the front is the impact from heavy traffic in the alleys will be drastically reduced, meaning less maintenance, time and tax dollars spent on the alleys, increasing productivity in other areas. ] Residents, however, will be responsible for moving their own bins to the street. To make your voice heard, please visit The Grand Coteau Heritage and Culture Centre (440 Centre St) or The Town of Shaunavon Office (401-3rd St. W) and look for the ballot box. You can also send a letter addressed to The Town of Shaunavon (PO Box 820) with your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote. The Town of Shaunavon requests you express your opinions from now until May 8th, 2019.