Published on: Oct 8, 2019
Town of Shaunavon
More than $25 million in combined infrastructure investments

Yesterday, the towns of Cabri and Shaunavon celebrated the next steps in the water projects they’re coordinating, which will result in more than $25 million in combined infrastructure investments benefitting area communities, once construction is completed.

Both the Town of Shaunavon Ultraviolet (UV) Water Disinfection Project and the Southwest Regional Potable Water Supply System Project facilitated by the Town of Cabri will improve access to potable, clean drinking water for residents and visitors alike to the region.

“The Ministry of Government Relations is proud to be investing more than $8.3 million in combined provincial funding toward this pair of important infrastructure projects in southwest Saskatchewan. Once completed, the projects will improve drinking water for residents of Shaunavon, Cabri and other communities in the region. It’s great to see communities coming together to work toward infrastructure initiatives like the Southwest Potable Water Supply System Project and achieve common goals, as such collaboration helps funding go farther to benefit our citizens and keep our province strong,” said Government Relations Minister Lori Carr.

“The Town of Shaunavon is a community that is committed to the safety of our residents, as well as those in the surrounding RMs (rural municipalities), especially when it comes to sustainable, high-quality drinking water. We launched a pilot program for our Ultraviolet (UV) Water Disinfection Project on Well No. 5, which after inspection by the Water Security Agency and evaluation by Council, we have determined to be a success. By receiving federal and provincial funding, we welcome the upgrade to aging infrastructure with this new economical system that ensures safer water for our community for years to come,” said Shaunavon Mayor Grant Greenslade.

“The Southwest Regional Potable Water Supply System Project is in its very early planning stages with initial work underway on the logistics and engineering aspects of this initiative. I want to thank villages such as Lancer, Abbey, Pennant, Success, and Hazlet, along with SaskWater, for continuing to develop a partnership with Cabri to move this project forward and to work toward a common goal for the benefit of our entire region by keeping drinking water affordable and accessible to all,” said Cabri Mayor David Gossard.

The $24-million Southwest Regional project will involve such work as: construction of a new water treatment plant; a new 139 km regional water pipeline system; a river intake and pump station from the South Saskatchewan River; two new booster stations; and establish connection points for delivery to various communities. The next key step in the project is to enter into formal agreements with project partners to advance this initiative. Construction is expected to begin in 2022 with the project targeted to be completed and fully operational by late 2025.

The more than $1-million Shaunavon project will include the installation of a UV reactor system in four wells, four new pump buildings, rehabilitation of four wells, along with related works. The next key step in the project is undertaking additional planning. Construction is expected to begin as early as spring 2020 with the project target to be completed and fully operation later that same year.

Under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), the federal government is contributing $9.6 million toward the Cabri project, and the provincial government is contributing more than $7.9 million.

Under ICIP, the Government of Canada is contributed $410,400 toward the Shaunavon project, while the Government of Saskatchewan is contributing $341,966.

Funding recipients are responsible for additional project costs.