PUBLIC NOTICE - Mosquito Fogging 2020

Published on: Jun 30, 2020

The Town of Shaunavon has purchased a mosquito fogger and will be implementing a new "Fogging" program for the control of adult mosquitoes within the Town of Shaunavon limits.

• "Fogging" will commence July 2nd or 3rd, depending on weather conditions.

• DeltaGard 20EW will be utilized. This product is derived from a natural insecticide in Chrysanthemum flowers and is recommended for use by the World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme.

• A licensed applicator, certified by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture to apply pesticide in the Mosquito and Biting Fly category will be the applicator for this program.

• "Fogging" will occur between the hours from "Dusk to Dawn" either Thursday or Friday evenings, dependant on weather conditions.

What pesticide will the Town of Shaunavon be using?
DeltaGard 20EW will be utilized, as recommended for use by the World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme. 

What is DeltaGard 20EW?
DeltaGard 20EW is an insecticide registered for use in Canada for wide area mosquito control. It belongs to the Pyrethoid family. Pyrethroids are the man-made version of pyrethrins, natural insecticides from the chrysanthemum flowers. The Town of Shaunavon chose DeltaGard 20EW (The same insecticide that the Town of Eastend uses) because it is classified as a reduced-risk pesticides Products with this designation have lower application rates and pose less risk to humans and the environment. 

When will DeltaGard 20EW be applied?
DeltaGard 20EW is applied during the overnight and early morning hours when mosquitoes are most active and weather conditions are appropriate. The timing of this application lessens the likelihood that beneficial insects, such as bees, will be impacted, because they are not active during the overnight hours. 

The Town of Shaunavon will be spraying, from a truck, in all streets and in back alleys. The first “fogging” will be on Thursday or Friday (July 2nd or 3rd) depending on the weather. Because this is a new program, the fogging schedule may change, but we will update the public prior to any changes. 

As of right now, the fogging schedule will be, depending on weather, Thursdays or Fridays, during “dusk to dawn” hours.

Are there any health concerns related to using DeltaGard 20EW?
When used according to the label directions, DeltaGard 20EW is unlikely to affect human health. Health Canada has reviewed relevant data and literature and has concluded that DeltaGard 20EW:
• has no toxic effect on genes
• has no effect on human development or reproductions
• is not likely to be a carcinogen to humans
• has low skin absorption

How do I know if I’m experiencing health effects because of DeltaGard 20EW exposure?
Based on the most current data, you should not experience any symptoms when DeltaGard 20EW is applied as part of an adult mosquito control program. However, in the unlikely event that you have been overexposed to DeltaGard 20EW, the most likely symptoms would involved brief skin sensitization such as tingling, burning, itching and numbness to the skin at the sit of exposure. 

If you experience these effects, consult your health care provider. These effects are reversible and are not likely to result in any long-term consequences. 

How can I minimize my exposure to DeltaGard 20EW?

While Health Canada has not identified specific precautions for bystanders, you can take the following actions to minimize your expose during a fogging program:
• Whenever possible, stay indoors during and immediately after spraying
• Close all windows and doors, turn off air conditioning units and close vents to circulate indoor air, before spraying begins
• Bring laundry, toys and pets indoors before spraying occurs
• Wash homegrown fruit & vegetables with water before cooking or eating them
• Rinse play equipment with water after spraying is finished

Does spraying DeltaGard 20EW have an effect on the environment?
The exposure of bees, birds, mammals, fish and plants is expected to be minimal, given the reduced application rate, timing of application, and the minimal deposits in the soil, water and plans that are anticipated. 
DeltaGard 20EW is applied as fine droplets that don’t readily drift or deposit and typically evaporate while suspended in the air. As a result, the deposit of these fine droplets into water or land, and the impact on those ecosystems, is expected to be minimal.