Published on: Jul 31, 2020
A reminder to Shaunavon residents not to water your lawns during the heat of the day, especially during our current high temperatures.

Watering your lawn during mid-day is wasteful, as most water evaporates in the heat.

Yesterday, the Town's wells ran 20.5 hours with a total of 2,628,194.94 litres of water. If we divide that by our population of approximately 1800 people, it means that 1460L of water are being used per person in a 24 hour period.

Did you know the average consumption across Canada for water usage is 350-400L per day? This means the residents of Shaunavon are using 4.5 times the national average.

We appreciate everyone doing their part to keep Shaunavon beautiful by watering your lawns and gardens, but ask that you please refrain from doing so during the high temperatures during the day. We also thank you for being cognizant and mindful of your water use.