Highway 37 Repair & Resurfacing Campaign

Published on: Jan 12, 2021
Highway 37 is a crucial transportation corridor that serves us all, and its current state of neglect is causing adverse effects on our region. Not only does it act as a vital transportation network to connect residents to surrounding communities, it is key to the delivery of goods and successful supply chain.

The Shaunavon Economic Development Committee is initiating a campaign between all local stakeholders, individuals and businesses in the areas surrounding Highway 37 to lobby for its repair & resurfacing.

What is the problem?

  • Highway 37 North from Shaunavon to the Swift Current Creek and South to the Frenchman River has deteriorated to a condition which needs immediate attention.

What is the EDC doing?

  • The EDC is working on an initiative to lobby for Highway 37 to be rebuilt. We are working to gather support and get letters sent to our local MLA Doug Steele to try to get construction pushed up to be completed in the 2021 year.
  • We are aiming to make the Provincial Government more aware that the condition of Highway 37 affects many sectors in our region, and the lives of everyone living around it.

How can the community get involved?

  • The EDC is seeking individuals and businesses in the region who are interested in supporting this initiative to send in a letter to MLA Doug Steele.
  • The EDC has developed a letter of instruction that briefly explains the initiative as well as provides all the contact information for who to send the letter to (via email), as well as a sample letter template to use as a guide to create your own letter. This sample letter should be changed and customized as necessary to explain how the current conditions of Highway 37 affect each business / individual personally.
  • Once you have developed your customized letter please email it directly to MLA Doug Steele. As well, please CC Fred Bradshaw, Minister of Highways; Fred Antunes, Deputy Minister of Highways; the Southwest Transportation Planning Council and the Shaunavon Economic Development Committee. All of the required email addresses are included in the Letter of Instruction.

Required Resources

We ask that anyone with interest in this initiative to write and send a letter; it is all about the numbers! The bigger of a voice we have, the better chance we have of getting heard!

Thank you for your support on this important initiative! If you have any questions please contact Lauren Johnson
at shaunavonedc@sasktel.net