Notices & Reports

Public Notice - Council & Committee Meetings

Town Council
Topic: Town of Shaunavon's Regular Council Meeting
Time: Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 at 7:30 PM
Where: 401 Third Street West - Town Council Chambers

Please Note: Council meetings will no longer be offered via Zoom.

Economic Development Committee
Time: Thursday July 29th, 2021 at 7:30 PM
Where: 401 Third Street West - Town Hall (in the Courtroom)


Dogs and Cats three (3) months of age and older are required to be licenced.
Licences are to be purchased by January 31st each year.
Licence Fees: Cats and Dogs
- neutered or spayed: $10.00
- non-neutered or non-spayed:$20.00
Be a Responsible Pet Owner:
1. Do not allow your Dog or Cat to run at large.
2. Clean up after your dog and your cat, at all times.
3. Do not allow your dog to create excessive noise.


Contractors, door-to-door sales people and individuals who sell merchandise via home parties or by leaving merchandise at places of work, etc., are required to purchase a Town business licence.


An Application for a Building/Development Permit is required for all structural construction projects within the Town, including decks. No permits are needed for detached accessory buildings less than 100 sq. ft, however set-backs are still required to be met. Fences and signs do not require a permit, but must conform to Town bylaws and Policies.
Download the Building Permit Application Form.
Download the Building Guidelines


- When snow removal is planned the ‘tow vehicle’ signs will be placed on the streets and avenues to be cleaned that night. Vehicle owners are reminded that their vehicles will be towed if not removed and they will be responsible for the towing and any other fees.
- Property owners/occupants you are responsible for keeping the sidewalks adjacent to your property free and clear of ice and snow. Snow from driveways, parking lots and residential sidewalks should not be placed out onto the street.
- Owners/occupants in the downtown area are reminded that you have a twenty-four (24) hour time frame to remove the snow, ice or other loose debris from your adjacent sidewalks or the Town will have the work done for you and you will be invoiced the cost, plus an administration fee.
- Vehicles (including trailers) not being moved on a regular basis should not be left parked on the street. Owners are at risk of being fined and having their vehicle impounded should they be left unlawfully parked on any street or lane.
- Motorists are reminded to pay careful attention when snow removal equipment is operating. Vehicles entering into the work area are doing so at their own risk.
- Fire Hydrants – moving or clearing snow? Do not place any snow on or near fire hydrants!

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