Recycling/Garbage/Landfill Information


The Town of Shaunavon has converted to a tote system for garbage collection.
If you find that the tote is not sufficient for your waste requirements, please contact the Town Office, we would like to hear from the residents regarding size and functionality prior to finalizing the arrangements for special requests. Example: multi user residential properties such as a duplex or rental suite property.

If you are a small commercial entity and you would like to convert to a tote system please contact the office.

- Use of the cart is mandatory.
STREET PICKUP: Face the front of the bin towards the street (with the wheels towards the curb.)
ALLEY PICKUP: Face the front of the bin towards the alley (with the wheels towards the fence.)
The bins also need to be placed THREE FEET away from any obstacles (just like the Triway bins).
- All materials placed in your cart must be bagged.
- NO refuse is to be placed on the top of the cart.
- Excess refuse left beside the cart will not be picked up.

Residential carts are to be placed in the BACK ALLEY prior to 8:00 am on your designated waste collection day. It should be returned to a location near your residence within 12 hours, with the lid closed.
If your household has minimal garbage, you do not have to set your cart out every week.

- Please continue recycling.

The following items are NOT to be placed in your garbage cart:
Chemicals - Building/Demolition Material - Explosives
Dirt, Rocks, Sand - Animal Carcasses - Flammable Liquids
Pesticides - Metal/Steel - Tires - Motor Oil
Electronics - Batteries - Medications
Paint - Ashes - Branches

Thank you for your cooperation. Please contact the Town Office with any questions you may have. 306-297-2605


• Pick up will be in the Back Alley
Front of Cart Must Face the Alley with 3 Feet Clearance of All Obstacles (this includes fence - if up against fence driver will assume cart does not need to be emptied) Check for overhead lines - there must be 14 feet of vertical clearance. (large wheels and hinge of lid are at the back of the cart - front faces the alley)
• Regular Pick Ups: Click here to download the 2019 Triways Recycling Pick Up Schedule.
• Download the Triways Residential Single Stream Curbside Recycling Brochure for information about single stream recycling.This is a generic brochure and not specific to Shaunavon. It is for information purposes regarding acceptable recyclable products only.
NOTE: Plastic Film IS ALLOWED in your blue Triways recycling cart (plastic bags, cling wrap, cellophane).
• IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE A TOTE please contact the Town Office at 306-297-2605

The TRIWAYS blue recycling totes and the recycling service have been made available at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to the residents of the Town of Shaunavon.

• Totes were delivered to occupied households only, if property becomes inhabited in future, please call the Town Office to arrange for delivery of a recycling tote.
• Businesses are encouraged to pursue their options with various recycling service providers
• Residents who wish to have more frequent pick ups of their recycling must make arrangements directly with Triways Disposal Service (306-773-7575). Charges for additional pick ups are the responsibility of the resident.
• The SARCAN Recycling Depot will continue to operate as normal.
• Southwest Waste Management will continue to offer Single Stream Recycling at the south end of Centre Street and at the Landfill (AWS Red Bins). PLEASE NOTE: See information below regarding items accepted for recycling in the Red Bins (AWS).

The Town of Shaunavon anticipates that this service will help to make recycling easier and more accessible for our residents and will help to reduce the amount of waste being sent to the landfill.

Thank you for recycling!


LOCATION: Highway 13 - Dollard, SK
Landfill phone number 306-297-4020

Open Monday through Friday – 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Closed Sundays and Statutory Holidays
Closed Saturdays from November 1, 2017 - April 30, 2018
Summer Hours will begin on Saturday, May 5 - the landfill will be open Saturdays excluding the Saturdays of Statutory Holiday weekends

Southwest Waste Management Rates
Accepted & Rejected Items
Where To Recycle


AWS Red Bins located at the Landfill as of July 1, 2018. There will no longer be bins located at the end of Centre Street.

we have been advised by our recycle plant, that they can no longer accept Plastic Film. What we have been told plastic film is (any stretchy type of plastic and the below listed items)
- plastic bags (Bread bags, sandwich bags) - food wrap (Saran or cling wrap) - cellophane wrapping or packaging - grocery bags


Acceptable Materials:
- Loose Paper and Cardboard (Newspapers, Inserts and Flyers, TV guides, Boxboard, Envelopes, Junk Mail, Magazines, Paper Bags, Phone books, Pizza Boxes, Writing Paper and Corrugated Cardboard)
- Aluminum (Clean Aluminum Foil and Clean Foil Containers)
- Metal (All clean and dry food and beverage cans and tins)
- Plastic (All rigid bottles, tubs, milk jugs - any containers with recycling labelled with #1-#7)
- Refundable Beverage Containers (All beverage containers)

Non Acceptable Materials:
- Plastic Film: Plastic bags (Bread bags, sandwich bags), food wrap (Saran or cling wrap), cellophane wrapping or packaging, grocery bags
- Hazardous Materials (Paint Cans, aerosols, lighters, car batteries, or oil)
- Electronics (these items can be recycled properly at SARCAN)
- Houseware items (drinking glasses, garden hoses, mirrors, light bulbs, ceramics, utensils and appliances)
- Foam (Cups, food containers, egg cartons or packaging)
- Glass
- Plastic that is NOT a container (CD Cases, pens, straws, forks, spoons, knives)
- Mixed Packaging (Deodorant sticks, toothpaste tubes, frozen juice containers, or anything made with more than one material)
- Contaminated Containers (Nothing with food, chemical or liquid remnants)
- Building Materials (Wood, drywall, tile, nails, concrete, bricks, vinyl siding, etc)
- Scrap Metal (Metal items can be recycled for a refund at Swift Current Steel)
- Waxed Cardboard

BATTERIES: Recycling for household batteries - Free - Please bring batteries to Landfill Office

If you have questions or require further information, please call the Landfill Office 306-297-4020

Littering is against the law!

If you are caught littering Fines start at $500.00.

Notice someone littering? Please report this to the RCMP at 306-297-5550 or call SaskTIP at 1800-667-7561 or Sask cell phone call #5555.
Find garbage dumped somewhere it should not be? Please report this to the RCMP.

Please be considerate and responsible - it is everyone’s duty to protect our environment!

When transporting garbage to the landfill please ensure that your loads are secure, tarped or covered.