EMS Shortages

Now going into the second year, the Town of Shaunavon has been pressuring the Cypress Health Region, along with the Province of Saskatchewan’s Minister Responsible for Rural and Remote Health, to improve the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) based out of Shaunavon. At times over the past year, there was not enough staff to operate the one ambulance which is based out of Shaunavon, leaving us reliant on ambulance services from Eastend and Frontier. Please keep in mind that when the one ambulance we do have is on a service call, or transporting a patient, that the Town of Shaunavon again is reliant on the services from Eastend and Frontier. The Town of Shaunavon is concerned about the health and welfare of all citizens of the region and deems that the current situation is unacceptable. The Town of Shaunavon has expectations that there is a full EMS staff compliment, and would like a second ambulance, to alleviate the need to leave a neighbouring community in a potentially critical situation.

The attached letter is the response from Minister Greg Ottenbreit – Minister Responsible for Rural and Remote Health, in regards to our September 26th request “that the Ministry assist us by ensuring that the Cypress Health Region take immediate remedial action to simply generate long-term sustainable solutions to provide the Town of Shaunavon with, at minimum, a complement of staff to provide twenty four hour/seven day a week, first-car services based out of Shaunavon. We are requesting for Cypress Health Region to meet our demand, and that there is no impact to the services to the surrounding communities.”