Shaunavon RCMP

Shaunavon RCMP

Non-Emergency: 306.297.5550

Address: 690 Centre Street, Shaunavon
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

Lock it or Lose it

The Town of Shaunavon & Shaunavon RCMP are reminding residents that you can help protect your personal belongings by locking your house, garage and vehicle.

“Lock It or Lose It” is a crime prevention partnership that encourages you, the public, to take precautions to protect your personal belongings and to help prevent crimes of opportunity.

Tips to prevent theft of or from your vehicle:
• Don’t leave your keys in your vehicle
• Always lock your doors and close the windows
• Never leave your keys in the ignition, console, glove compartments, or anywhere else in the vehicle
• Never leave your vehicle running unattended
• Place your valuables out of sight including purses, money, wallets, electronics, etc.
• If possible, don’t leave the garage door opener in your vehicle - thieves can get into your garage and steal other belongings

If you notice that you have been a victim of theft, please report it immediately to the Shaunavon RCMP.
• Call 9-1-1 in the case of an event that involves an immediate threat to a person or property
• Call non-emergency (306.297.5550) to report a crime with no suspect (ie: theft)

**The Shaunavon RCMP detachment does not monitor facebook and requests that all crimes be reported directly to them. By Reporting crime to the Shaunavon RCMP, you will assist them with their investigations and with the return of stolen property.

The Town of Shaunavon and Shaunavon's RCMP detachment are working together to keep you informed. Check back often for official media releases; tips on how to stay safe; and information about our emergency services. 


September 2019 - Calls for Service

RCMP Shaunavon received 96 calls of service and assistance for the month of September 2019. Shaunavon RCMP Detachment polices the following areas: Village of Climax and Frontier, Town of Eastend and Shaunavon, the Rural Municipalities of Arlington, Bone Creek, Frontier, Grassy Creek, Lone Tree, White Valley and a small portion of Val Marie. 

Click here for the full breakdown of Sept. 2019 Calls for Service. 

Sask Crime Watch // Everbridge

The ‘Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network’ provides the Shaunavon RCMP with the ability to communicate directly with the public on matters of crime prevention. Local RCMP Detachments will send out Crime Watch Advisories when a crime has been committed and the RCMP are asking the public for assistance. Advisories are intended to provide credible, timely information to the public of criminal activity in their area.

The Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network, along with existing crime prevention programs, helps create the right environment and culture where everyone can contribute to and be a part of community safety. The network itself sends a strong message to would-be offenders that people are watching and that we all care about community safety.

The new Network acknowledges that crime prevention can be the most effective when the greatest number of people can participate. Residents can help by being the ‘eyes and ears’ of their communities, and by reporting crimes or suspicious activities to the police. The more people who sign up for the advisories, the more effective we can be at preventing crime. Criminals will literally have ‘no place to hide’ as we all work together to keep our communities safe.

Imagine someone is spotted breaking into a home.  The witness calls 911 to report the crime and describe the suspect’s vehicle.  Police go to the scene, but the suspect is often gone. Now, with a Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory sent directly from the RCMP, the description of the suspect’s vehicle can be immediately sent to hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the area. People who receive the advisory can call police when they see the vehicle.  This gives the police a better chance of catching the offender(s), sooner.  

To sign up for the Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network, visit:

Tip: When registering, make sure you choose your local RCMP Detachment to avoid receiving notifications from ALL Saskatchewan detachments.

**Please note that the individuals who have the ability to send out advisories can choose which detachment areas they think would best benefit from knowing about the incident.  They may choose to send it to the area that you have selected. http://?p=5101

When to Call 9-1-1

Don’t let non-emergencies compete with real ones. Know the difference between when to call 9-1-1 and when to report your situation to the non-emergency line.

9-1-1 is for police, fire, or medical emergencies when immediate action is required.

Non-Emergency numbers should be used for situations that do NOT need an immediate response or dispatch of police. (Shaunavon RCMP non-emergency line: 306.297.5550 or 310-RCMP)

Examples of when to call 9-1-1
• An event that involves an immediate threat to a person or property
• A substantive, in-progress crime such as a fight, break and enter, or report of an impaired driver
• A serious crime that has just occurred
• A suspicious circumstance that may indicate an imminent criminal act

Examples of when to call non-emergency (306.297.5550 or 310-RCMP)
• Reporting a crime with no suspect (ie: theft)
• Reporting a crime with suspect, but suspect is not on the scene (ie: fraud)
• Reporting a serious crime with suspect, but with a lengthy delay (ie: assault that occurred last night)
• Non-emergency in progress (ie: noisy party)
• On-going crime issues or crimes that are not in progress (ie: ongoing drug dealing with no suspect on scene)
• A suspicious circumstance that may indicate ongoing criminal activity 

When calling the Shaunavon RCMP non-emergency line during normal work hours (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm) you can expect to reach the Detachment Support Assistant, unless they are away or dealing with another client. Your call may go to voicemail and the options are listed below. Voicemail is typically answered within 24 hours on weekdays but this line is not monitored 24/7.

Shaunavon Non-Emergencies: Call 306-297-5550 
• Press “0” to speak with the 24 Hour RCMP Communication Centre which will dispatch the Police depending on the nature of your call for service.
• Press “2” for Administrative or non-emergency voice-mail. (ie: File updates, Criminal Record Inquiries, Police-related questions, Reports of crime which are not time sensitive.)

Saskatchewan Non-Emergencies: 310-7367 (RCMP) (Anywhere is Saskatchewan) **no area code needed
This number will connect you with the RCMP Dispatch Centre in Regina which is staffed 24/7. Please note that should the Operator be occupied with another call, your call may go to voicemail. Please leave a message and your call will be returned shortly. 

Reporting a Crime: 
When reporting crime, Dispatch Operators will ask a variety of questions in order to accurately relay as much information as possible to the responding Police Officers.

These questions include, but are not limited to:
• Your Name, Address and Phone Number
• Information about the crime and/or suspect 
Please be patient with this procedure. It is important and potentially life-saving to provide accurate information at this time. In the case that your are on the scene while the event you are reporting is unfolding, you may be asked to stay on the line to provide updates regarding the incident. Do not hang up until the Operator has instructed you to do so.

Emergency Preparation Tip:
Have an 'Emergency Information Sheet' clearly displayed in your house and at your place of work that includes the location's address and phone number. In the case that a visitor has to report an emergency, they will be able to accurately communicate information to the Dispatch Operator.