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Updated May 15, 2020


This working document provides information on essential services, adjusted business hours & services, links to online entertainment for the family, and resources for businesses. 
**If you notice something that needs to be updated or corrected, please email

May 6, 2020 
• An Update from Shaunavon's RCMP View
• Branding / Processing Time // COVID-19 Information and Tips for Canadian Beef Operations View

May 4, 2020
Town of Shaunavon Reschedules Free Garbage Transfer Weekend View

April 23, 2020
Province Announces Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan
• Re-Open Saskatchewan - A Plan to re-open the provincial economy: View

April 17, 2020
Shaunavon Designated as COVID-19 Hospital as part of SHA's "Health System Readiness for COVID-19" Plan. What does this mean for Shaunavon? View

April 9, 2020

For any non-health related inquiries related to COVID-19, please call toll-free 1-855-559-5502.

To report situations where an individual or business is suspected of being in noncompliance with Public Health Order, please first review the Government of Saskatchewan's Current Public Health Orders:

To report situations where an individual or business is suspected of being in non-compliance, please use the Non-Compliance Reporting Form -

April 8, 2020: NEWS RELEASE
SHA Releases Next Phase Of COVID-19 Response Plan

April 1, 2020: News Releases
Self-Isolation Information Sheet

Mandatory Isolation Means Stay Home.

March 26, 2020: News Releases

A Message From Mayor Grant Greenslade and Shaunavon Town Council _ March 26

Government Clarifies Allowable Business Services, LImits Gatherings to 10 Person Maximum

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Government of Saskatchewan is limiting the size of public and private gatherings to a maximum of ten people.  Additionally, clarity is being provided to Saskatchewan businesses surrounding the operations of allowable business services, in consultation with the Chief Medical Health Officer.  A list of critical public services and allowable business services has been created to inform the business community of which businesses can continue to operate in accordance with social distancing practices.  All changes are effective March 26, 2020.

March 20, 2020: News Releases
A message from Mayor Grant Greenslade and Shaunavon Town Council

Shaunavon RCMP COVID-19 Update

The Town of Shaunavon would like to advise citizens that, in order to prevent the spread of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and to protect residents and staff, it is taking the following precautions:

All Town operated recreation / leisure facilities will be closed to the public until further notice, effective immediately. This applies to:
• Crescent Point Wickenheiser Centre
• Chinook Regional Library - Shaunavon Branch
Grand Coteau Heritage & Cultural Centre - Take a detour downtown Shaunavon on the Grand Coteau’s new crazy, fun sidewalk adventure! The team is working on some great (virtual) summer programming, so give them a follow on facebook to stay in the know!

Town Hall will continue to operate; however, will be open to the public by appointment only.
If you would like to book an appointment, call: 306.297.2605 or email

If you need to deliver something to Town Hall, we ask that you please use one of the following methods:
1. Drop box in the back of Town Hall (We will be checking it frequently)
2. Mail to: Town of Shaunavon / Box 820 / Shaunavon, SK / S0N 2M0
3. E-transfer outstanding payments to

The Town of Shaunavon's essential services will remain fully operational to the best of our ability.

The Town of Shaunavon has decided as a measure of assisting its residents and businesses that they have extended the 4% discount on early payment of 2020 tax levy until September 30, 2020. Additionally, the Town will be waiving all Tax Penalties on payments made on the 2020 Tax Levy from October through to December 31st.

A reminder to everyone that testing for COVID-19 is available in Saskatchewan by referral only and NOT for walk-in testing.
It is also VERY important that you do not book an appointment with a physician at Shaunavon Hospital if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

What do you do if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19?
1. Use the Self-Assessment Tool available here:
2. Call 8-1-1 if advised to by the Self Assessment Tool
3. Follow all instructions provided to you by 8-1-1

Please be aware that Shaunavon Hospital is NOT a testing facility. This means you need a referral from 8-1-1 to a testing facility in SW Saskatchewan.

If it is an EMERGENCY, and you are experience symptoms of COVID-19 that are causing you extreme difficulty breathing, please follow the pylons to the North Entrance. All respiratory issues including Covid-19 - use the back North entrance with the ambulance sign.

When should you go to Shaunavon Hospital?
1. If you have an appointment, or a requisition for lab work
2. If you are experiencing an acute injury

There is signage prominently displayed at the front entrance of Shaunavon Hospital. Please read and understand this information prior to entering.

The safety measures the hospital has enforced are for your and their staff’s safety. We ask that you please respect these rules so ensure they are not overwhelmed or put at risk during this time.

For more information on COVID testing, please visit:


Government of Saskatchewan's COVID-19 Updates

811 – Healthline
Like most respiratory illnesses, most people with common coronavirus illness will recover on their own. There is no specific treatment for disease caused by a novel coronavirus. However, many of the symptoms can and should be treated. If symptoms feel worse than a standard cold, call HealthLine at 811. If HealthLine 811 recommends you seek acute care, they will provide instruction to call ahead.

Self-Assessment Tool
Use this self-assessment tool to determine whether you should be tested for COVID-19. You can complete this assessment for yourself or on behalf of someone else, if they are not able. Please note: You do not need to be tested for COVID-19 if in the past 14 days you have not traveled outside Canada or had contact with someone diagnosed as having COVID-19.

Canadian Mental Health Association - Call 1-800-461-5483 

211 Saskatchewan
This is a free, confidential, 24/7 service that connects individuals to human services in the province by telephone, text or web chat, plus a searchable website with over 5,000 listings of social, community, non-clinical health, and government services across the province. 


*Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan!

The Government of Saskatchewan has released their 5 phase plan on how we can cautiously and methodically re-open Saskatchewan. Full Details HERE


Need help determining what federal support programs are available to you?
The Government of Canada has developed two tools to help both businesses and individuals with this.

To determine what federal support is available to meet your business needs, visit Innovation Canada HERE
Guidance on available individual support HERE

Canada Economic Response Plan
Full details of this plan can be found here: Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

Temporary Business Wage Subsidy
 - The Governmentt of Canada announced an up to 75 per cent wage subsidy for qualifying businesses, for up to 3 months, retroactive to March 15, 2020. This will help businesses to keep and return workers to the payroll. Businesses of all sizes are eligible as long as they can show a decrease in business revenue of 15% in March and 30% in the following months. APPLY NOW

It was announced on May 15th that this program will be extended through August.

Extending the Work-Sharing Program - Extending the maximum duration of the Work-Sharing program from 38 weeks to 76 weeks. The Work-Sharing program is offered to workers who agree to reduce their normal working hours because of developments beyond the control of their employers. Apply to the Work-Sharing Program 

Canada Emergency Response Benefit
We will provide a taxable benefit of $2,000 every 4 weeks for up to 16 weeks to eligible workers who have lost their income due to COVID-19.

The CERB is available to workers who meet all of the following conditions:
- Live in Canada and are at least 15 years old
- Stopped working because of COVID-19 or are eligible for EI regular or sickness benefits
- Have not voluntarily quit their job
- Had income of at least $5,000 in 2019 or in the 12 months prior to the date of their application.

On April 15, we announced changes to the eligibility rules to:
- Allow people to earn up to $1,000 per month while collecting the CERB.
- Extend the CERB to seasonal workers who have exhausted their EI regular benefits and are unable to undertake their regular seasonal work because of COVID-19.
- Extend the CERB to workers who have recently exhausted their EI regular benefits and are unable to find a job because of COVID-19.

An online questionnaire will help us direct you to the service option that best fits your situation (i.e. eligibility for Employment Insurance benefits or not).

Application portal is OPEN - See full details & Apply HERE or Apply over the phone 1‑800‑959‑2019 or 1‑800‑959‑2041

Applicants will need to re-attest every two weeks. Applications for the benefit will be available via: CRA MyAccount secure portal, My Service Canada Account or an automated telephone application process.
Register for My Account

Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB)

The Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) would provide support to students and new graduates who are not be eligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit or Employment Insurance or unable to work due to COVID-19.

This benefit would provide $1,250 per month for eligible students or $1,750 per month for eligible students with dependents or disabilities.

This benefit would be available from May to August 2020. Applications open NOW. Full details & Application HERE

BCAP (Business Credit Availability Program): The Government of Canada has created a Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP) to help Canadian businesses obtain financing during the current period of economic uncertainty. This program will support access to financing for Canadian businesses in all sectors and regions. Through Export Development Canada (EDC) and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) more than $10 billion in lending and other types of financial support will be available to businesses.

Businesses wishing to seek support through the BCAP should contact their financial institution directly so their financial need can be assessed. If the needs exceed what the financial institution is able to provide they will then work alongside BDC or EDC to access additional resources through the Business Credit Availability Program.

Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance
The program will provide forgivable loans to qualifying commercial property owners to cover 50% of three monthly rent payments that are payable by eligible small business tenants who are experiencing financial hardship during April, May, and June.

The loans will be forgiven if the mortgaged property owner agrees to reduce the small business tenants’ rent by at least 75% under a rent forgiveness agreement, which will include a term not to evict the tenant while the agreement is in place. The small business tenant would cover the remainder, up to 25% of the rent.

Impacted small business tenants are businesses paying less than $50,000 per month in rent and who have temporarily ceased operations or have experienced at least a 70% drop in pre-COVID revenues. This support will also be available to non-profit and charitable organizations.

Applications for Saskatchewan property owners are open! Full details & application HERE

Employment Insurance Benefits and Leave This is where employees facing layoffs can apply for EI Benefits. Please note that there are separate application processes for Regular EI Benefits (Applying for benefits if you have lost your job) and Sickness Benefits (Applying if you are unable to work due to illness, injury or quarantine.)

Understanding the Record of Employment Form This will be helpful for employers who are needing to issue Record of Employment's (ROE's) to employees. Employers may also reference the How to Complete a Record of Employment Form which will provide detailed information about completing this form as well as step by step instructions.

Canadian Business Resilience Network - This is provided by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Government of Canada, where you will find the latest information, tools and resources businesses need to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Mortgage support
Canadian banks have committed to work with their customers on a case-by-case basis to find solutions to help them manage hardships caused by COVID-19. Canadians who are impacted by COVID-19 and experiencing financial hardship as a result should contact their financial institution regarding flexibility for a mortgage deferral.


The following is a list of numbers for Canadian Financial Institutions and Mortgage Lenders to phone for inquires on mortgage deferrals, credit payment deferrals, car loan payments etc.

MCAP: 1-800-265-2624
For information on skipping mortgage payments please email:
Home Trust: 1-855-270-3630
Manulife: 1-877-765-2265
Merix: 1-877-637-7881
Marathon Mortgages: 1-855-503-6060
RMG Mortgages: 1-866-809-5800
For information on skipping mortgage payments please email:
RBC: 1-800-769-2511
Affinity Credit Union: 1-866-863-6237
Innovation Credit Union: 1-866-446-7001
CIBC: 1-800-465-2422
TD Bank: 1-888-720-0075
Scotia Bank: 1-800-472-6842
HSBC: 1-888-310-4722
B2B Bank: 1-800-263-8349
BMO: 1-877-895-3278 – Treasury & payment solutions
1-877-788-1923 – Mortgage Relief Program
CMLS Financial: 1-888-995-2657
First National Bank: 1-888-488-0794
Urgent Inquires please email:
Investors Group: 1-800-328-6488 or email
Solutions Banking - 1-877-999-7575


*NEW Saskatchewan Small Business Emergency Payment Program

Financial support, in the form of one-time grants, will be provided to small and medium sized businesses that have temporarily closed or substantially curtailed operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Grants will be paid based on 15% of a business’ monthly sales revenue, to a maximum of $5,000. APPLY HERE

On May 6th, 2020 the Government of Saskatchewan extended this program to the month of May for businesses that are required to remain closed or substantially curtail operations after May 19, 2020
Businesses will not need to reapply to the program. Businesses that qualify for the program will automatically receive a second payment after May 19.

Self Isolation Support Program
- Support of $450 per week, for a maximum of two weeks, or $900 total, will be granted to an eligible Saskatchewan worker, who need to self-isolate and are not covered by the federal EI program.  APPLY HERE

Provincial Sales Tax Deferral
Saskatchewan businesses who are unable to remit their PST due to cashflow concerns will have three-month relief from penalty and interest charges.

Businesses that are unable to file their provincial tax return(s) by the due date may submit a request for relief from penalty and interest charges on the return(s) affected.

Audit program and compliance activities have been suspended to allow businesses time to focus on the health and safety of their customers and staff, reduce impacts to their business operations, and minimize the spread of the virus through reduced audit travel.

For more information call the Saskatchewan tax inquiry line at 1-800-667-6102 or email

Provincial Utilities
All Crown utilities will implement bill-deferral programs allowing a zero-interest bill deferral for up to six months for Saskatchewan customers whose ability to make bill payments may be impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions.

Business Response Team provides assistance and guidance to businesses in need. This resource is available from 8:00AM - 8:00PM Monday - Friday and can be reached at:
1-844-800-8688 or via email at


Community Futures - They have an online database of information and free webinars to help small business owners. This includes a comprehensive COVID-19 Information Guide that helps to break down available  programs. It can be found Here

Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance (SEDA) - Disaster Resilience & Recovery 
SEDA provides a great deal of information and resources to support businesses. They have an information page dedicated to COVID-19 with specific updates and lists of additional resources. It also provides the Saskatchewan Economic Preparedness and Recovery Toolkit is a planning framework for local business to develop economic preparedness and recovery strategies.