Citizen of the Year

WANTED: 2018 Citizen of the Year!

 The Town of Shaunavon is fortunate to have an abundance of hard working volunteers providing countless hours of service to our community.
Each year the Shaunavon Chamber of Commerce invites individuals and organizations to nominate these extraordinary citizens for the
Citizen of the Year Award. The community is then urged to come out and honor the recipient at the Citizen of the Year Gala Banquet,
an evening of good food and good fun, and a wonderful celebration of volunteerism and community.  

Do you know someone who makes a real difference in our community?
Now is your opportunity to honour that special person with a nomination for
Download the Nomination Form and Guidelines
or pick up the form at the Town of Shaunavon Office (401 3rd Street West)
or the Grand Coteau Heritage & Cultural Centre (440 Centre Street).
Deadline for Submissions is
Friday, March 23, 2018
Sponsored by the Shaunavon Chamber of Commerce

Past Citizens of the Year are:
1998 - Norm Lavoy, 1999 - Russ Markell, 2000 - Joe & Joanne Gregoire, 2001 - Bruce Pearson, 
2002 - Joe Sutter, 2003 - John Henrion, 2004 - Skip & Cathie Wilton,  2005 - Vince Stevenson,
2006 - Gord Speirs, 2007 - Jean Scribner,  2008 - Jack Salmon, 2009 - Debbie Aadland, 2010 - Ken Billington,
2011 - Jay Meyer & Janelle Wickstrom, 2012 - Helen Fauchon & Florence Selvig, 2013 - Mike Elmgren,
2014 - Ken & Merle Shaw, 2015 - Kathleen East, 2016 - Sharon Dickie, 2018 - Fred Farnworth

Sponsored by the Shaunavon Chamber of Commerce